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Grad School Notes

While attending the Mathematics PhD program at the University of Virginia, a few of us decided to collaborate on our class notes in LaTeX. These notes are still always open to change. Many of them are tracked on GitHub, which means every change is reversible and trackable. For the following courses, compiled PDFs are available here and are maintained on GitHub

  1. Algebra 1 and 2 written by Richard Vradenburgh
  2. Algebraic Topology 1 written by Matthew Lancellotti and Chris Lloyd
  3. Complex Analysis written by George H. Seelinger
  4. Differential Topology written by Matthew Lancellotti
  5. Real Analysis written by George H. Seelinger and Matthew Lancellotti

Other notes maintained for second year courses are currently under very active development. You can view them here.

  1. Algebra 3 (Artin-Wedderburn Theory, Central Simple Algebras, Representations of Finite Groups) by John Leonard Harnois, Jr.
  2. Algebraic Topology 2 (Cohomology and Intro Homotopy Theory) by John Leonard Harnois, Jr.
  3. Geometric Representation Theory (Representations Theory of Quivers and Springer Theory. Also Representation Theory of Finite Groups) by George H. Seelinger