Virginia Integrable Probability Summer School and Plethystic Substitution

This past week, I was lucky enough to meet and attend some lectures given by Ole Warnaar at the Virginia Integrable Probability Summer School 2019 on Schur Functions and Schur Processes since I was not traveling. As someone who does research in symmetric function theory, I had already seen much of what Dr. Warnaar presented in his lecture series (which is all recorded and posted online at the linked course page), but I used the opportunity to make some significant additions to my notes on plethystic substitution. In particular, I had never seen an introductory lecture on plethystic substitution for symmetric functions despite using and seeing it in research papers, and so it was a great opportunity to learn something new at a basic level. Furthermore, his approach was different to what I had seen in Macdonald’s book, so it was great to get a different persepctive on it all. I was also curious to learn more about Schur processes since I do not think about probability for my research at the moment, but unfortunately there was not enough time to get too deep into the subject. I hope I will have a chance to learn more about it later, though!

Webpage with Dr. Warnaar’s coure materials and recordings of lectures is here.

Date published: Sunday, June 2, 2019