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I am a Mathematics PhD student at the University of Virginia studying algebraic combinatorics while keeping open arms towards representation theory and algebraic geometry; I am currently working under Dr. Jennifer Morse. Previously, I worked as a Data Scientist on real time bidding problems for an internet advertising company. Generally, I am interested in working on unsolved problems and enabling other problem solvers to be more effective.


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I have one mathematics research paper that has been accepted for publication at L’Enseignement Mathématique from work I did as an undergraduate at Loyola University Chicago with Dr. Stephen Doty and Dr. Aaron Lauve. The preprint is available on arXiv here: Canonical idempotents of multiplicity-free families of algebras

As a resource for my cohort of graduate students, but also for other learning graduate students, I worked with various collaborators on creating class notes for first and some second year PhD program courses. You can see them here: First year course notes.

I also publicly post monographs I write for myself to clarify concepts and fill in details of books I read. You can see them here: Monographs; I also have made select notes for more advanced classes I have taken, but they are more likely to have errors and some are incomplete: Advanced course notes.


I have taught (non-math major) calculus courses at UVA as a graduate student instructor. I (and fellow collaborators) create "notesheets" for students which you can view here: Notesheets

I believe in engaging in flexible pedagogy; that is, I am open to questioning my own pedagogical assumptions, especially when they are challenged by research. I also highly value creating an inclusive and welcoming learning environment both inside and outside the classroom.