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I am a Mathematics PhD student at the University of Virginia studying algebraic combinatorics while keeping open arms towards representation theory and algebraic geometry; I am currently working under Dr. Jennifer Morse. Previously, I worked as a Data Scientist on real time bidding problems for an internet advertising company. Generally, I am interested in working on unsolved problems and enabling other problem solvers to be more effective.


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Think we have met before? Here is my professional past and present travel schedule.

Research and Writings • (Papers)

Also, as a resource for my cohort of graduate students, but also for other learning graduate students, I worked with various collaborators on creating class notes for first and some second year PhD program courses. You can see them here: First year course notes.

I also publicly post monographs I write for myself to clarify concepts and fill in details of books I read. You can see them here: Monographs; I also have made select notes for more advanced classes I have taken, but they are more likely to have errors and some are incomplete: Advanced course notes.


I have taught (non-math major) calculus courses at UVA as a graduate student instructor. I (and fellow collaborators) create "notesheets" for students which you can view here: Notesheets

I believe in engaging in flexible pedagogy; that is, I am open to questioning my own pedagogical assumptions, especially when they are challenged by research. I also highly value creating an inclusive and welcoming learning environment both inside and outside the classroom.

Engagement, Outreach, and Service

I am a member of and webmaster for the UVA Association for Women in Mathematics (AWM). AWM works to encourage girls and women to study and have activer careers in the mathematical sciences and promote equal opportunity and equal treatment of girls and women in the mathematical sciences.

I volunteer as a UVA Math Ambassador to do math outreach in Charlottesville area grade schools.

I sometimes make contributions to the open source mathematical software SageMath, the most notable of which was overhauling the diagram algebras package with my collaborators as a result of my work on Brauer algebras. You can see all the tickets I have contributed to the SageMath trac server. If you are interested in contributing code to Sage, check out my development checklist and feel free to contact me if you have questions!

Previously, I have been a mentor for the UVA Math Department Directed Reading Program (DRP). The DRP pairs undergraduates interested in learning math outside the standard curriculum with graduate student mentors who guide them in reading some interesting and different mathematics.

What's New

02 Jun 2019 » Virginia Integrable Probability Summer School and Plethystic Substitution • (PDF)
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This past week, I was lucky enough to meet and attend some lectures given by Ole Warnaar at the Virginia Integrable Probability Summer School 2019 on Schur Functions and Schur Processes since I was not traveling. As someone who does research in symmetric function theory, I had already seen much of what Dr. Warnaar presented in his lecture series (which is all recorded and posted online at the linked course page), but I used the opportunity to make some significant additions to my notes on plethystic substitution. In particular, I had never seen an introductory lecture on plethystic substitution for symmetric functions despite using and seeing it in research papers, and so it was a great opportunity to learn something new at a basic level. Furthermore, his approach was different to what I had seen in Macdonald’s book, so it was great to get a different persepctive on it all. I was also curious to learn more about Schur processes since I do not think about probability for my research at the moment, but unfortunately there was not enough time to get too deep into the subject. I hope I will have a chance to learn more about it later, though!

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10 May 2019 » MAAGC Poster: K-Theoretic Catalans • (PDF)
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This last weekend, I had an opportunity to attend and present a poster at the 2019 Mid-Atlantic Algebra, Geometry, and Combinatorics (MAAGC) conference in Philadelphia. The poster is about one of the projects I am currently working on to describe “\(K\)-theoretic \(k\)-Schur functions” with a raising operator formula which is a specialization of what we are currently calling “\(K\)-theoretic Catalan functions” since they generalize the description of Catalan functions that Blasiak, Morse, Pun, and Summers used to prove the Schur positivity of \(k\)-Schur functions.

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